We are getting there...

The thing about cubans is that they love to take their time or their rushing out the door.

My Papu invented two terms in our family:

Cuban shortcut: Well, a Cuban shortcut is literally just getting lost until you figure out where you are. It's a lot easier now with our phones having GPS and not have to worry about going on 6 hour miss adventures. Back in the day it was tons of fun never knowing what you will see or where you will end up. I till this day will even take my wife and kids on Cuban shortcuts.

Cuban Minute: This was coined in response to my mother who always would run into a store (no matter what kinda store it is) and tel us that'd she only be a minute.

Well.....that one minute is usually minimum of half an hour and the one thing she ran in for always turns out to be 3-5 bags.

The Cafe is coming along and we are getting closer to being open. We wanted to try the first of november but it may take a minute....A CUBAN MINUTE and we prob wont have our grand opening until the 15th of November.

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